Theory and History of Ontology

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Second Part (L - Z)


Abelard, Peter (see: Peter Abelard)

Aertsen, Jan Adrianus:

Selected Bibliography: Writings in English

Selected Bibliography: Writings in German

Albertazzi, Liliana


Aristotle's Definition of a Science of Being qua Being

Theory of Categories: A - J

Theory of Categories: K - Z

On the website "History of Logic" (

Logic: General and Introductory Studies

De interpretatione

Categorical Syllogistic

Armstrong, David Malet

Ashworth, Earline Jennifer: (Annotated bibliography)

On the website "History of Logic" (

1967 - 1976

1977 - 1988

1989 - 1996

1997 - 2015


Translations of the Logical and Metaphysical Works

Studies on Avicenna: A - G

Studies on Avicenna: H - Z

Barwise, Jon (under construction)

Bergmann, Gustav

Bertalanffy Ludwig (under construction)


Boethius' Metaphysics. An Annotated Bibliography: First Part: A - J

Boethius' Metaphysics. An Annotated Bibliography: Second Part: K - Z

Boethius' Contribution to the Quadrivium. Selected Bibliography

On the website "History of Logic" (

Boethius' Logic as a Discourse on Being

Bolzano, Bernard:

English Translations and Studies: A - C

Studies in English: D - L

Studies in English: M - Z

Selected Texts

Ausgewählte Werke und Studien in Deutsch

Traductions et Essais en Français

Traduzioni e Studi in Italiano

Critical Editions, Translations, Bibliographical Resources

Brentano A - K

Brentano L - Z

Buchler, Justus

Bunge, Mario

Buridan, John (Jean):

On the website "History of Logic" (

Editions, Translations and Studies on the Manuscript Tradition

Studies about Buridan: A - K

Studies about Buridan: L - Z

Butchvarov, Panayot

Carnap, Rudolf (under construction)

Castañeda Hector Neri (under construction)

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

On the website "History of Logic" (

Cicero: Logic and Rhetoric in His Philosophical Works

Critical Editions and Translations of the Philosophical Works of Cicero

The Philosophical Works of Cicero. A Selected Bibliography

Cocchiarella, Nino

Annotated Bibliography 1966 - 1985

Annotated Bibliography 1986 - 2016

De Rijk, Lambertus Marie:

On the website "History of Logic": Annotated bibliography

1950 - 1974

1975 - 1982

1983 - 1990

1991 - 2012

Deely, John: Annotated bibliography

Deely 1965 - 1998

Deely 1999 - 2009

Descartes, René:

René Descartes. Bibliographie Chronologique et Annotée (Première Partie: 1616-1640)

René Descartes. Bibliographie Chronologique et Annotée (Deuxième Partie: 1641-1650)

Descartes: Biographies, Bibliographies, Dictionnaires, Lexiques

Descartes. Bibliographies, Concordances, Dictionaries, Lexica

Bibliographie des études en français sur la philosophie de Descartes

Bibliography of the studies in English on Descartes' philosophy

Descartes' Ontology: From the Rules for the Direction of the Mind to the Meditations on First Philosophy

Bibliographie des études sur les Regulae ad directionem ingenii et la recherche de la mathesis universalis

Diogenes Laërtius

Doyle, John P.

Duns Scotus, John

Englebretsen, George

Eudemus of Rhodes

Eriugena, John Scottus (see: John Scottus Eriugena)

Fine, Kit:

1970 - 1988

1989 - 2006

1997 - 2016

Kit Fine. Annotated Bibliography of the Studies on His Philosophy

Joseph S. Freedman:

Freedman 1985 - 2004

Freedman 2005 - 2015

Frege, Gottlob

Goodman, Nelson (under construction)

Grossmann Reinhardt

Hartmann, Nicolai

Hartshorne, Charles (under construction)

Heidegger, Martin:

Heidegger Gesamtausgabe (Collected Works)

Heidegger on Alétheia (Truth)

Heidegger on Ontotheology

Husserl, Edmund:

Husserl A - J

Husserl K - Z

Ingarden, Roman

John of St. Thomas (see: Poinsot, John)

John Scottus Eriugena

The Works of Eriugena: Editions and Translations

Bibliography on the Philosophical Work of Eriugena:

Eriugena: A - J

Eriugena: K - Z

Kotarbinski, Tadeusz